Rates & Fees

Clear and transparent - no surprises

Contract Reviews (Remote Desktop)*

Up to 500 pages incl. report & 1 hr call ( 1 week)

Up to 1000 pages incl. report & 2 hr call ( 2-3 weeks)

€ on request

€ on request

Training & Coaching*

YouTube Training Videos

On Site Training - per person

Management Coaching 

€ free

€ on request

€ on request

Interim Services*

Remote Services - hourly rate

Remote Services - daily rate (8 hours)

On Location/Site Services - daily rate (8 hours)

€ on request

€ on request

€ on request

Claims Consultancy*

Initial Remote Desktop Assessment*** (1 week)

Initial Remote Desktop Assessment*** (2 weeks)

On Site Claim Resolution Support-daily rate (8 hrs)

€ on request

€ on request

€ on request

Business Travel & Expenses**

Up to 4 hours flight time (economy class fare)

Over 4 hours flight time (bussiness class fare)

Hotel cost (3-4 star)

Daily Allowance (meals, bevarage, laundry, etc.)

€ at cost

€ at cost

€ at cost

€  t.b.a.


Cost for meeting facilities arranged by Klinker CMC at required location for client (e.g. via www.regus.nl / www.regus.com)

€ at cost + 10%

Notes* : all above rates & fees are excl. Travel & Expenses & excl. VAT (if applicable) 

Note** : Klinker CMC prefers that Clients book and pay for Fligths & Hotel cost because Clients normally have beter local or global agreements with travel providers

Note*** : for remote desktop services Clients are expected to provide review documents in native file format (word, excel, pdf) either send by e-mail, USB storage device or remote access to Document Control System (web enaled). 

Note****: If required by Client then Euro rates will be converted to USD, GBP or YEN by using last exhange rate of the day (https://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-markets/international-markets/rates/home.htmlbefore Klinker CMC proposal is issued.