Most Powerful Simple & (Cost) Effective Contract Management


In today's business environment there are many systems and websites to be used in performing the day-to-day contract management tasks. Simplicity and compatibility is still a challenge while less training is provided to operate the systems. Here is an idea how to improve.

If you think that 65% of the basic software functionality is never used but instead all sorts of applications are bought to cover the requirements. The idea of Web Contract Management (WCM) is to use off the shelve website technology and make more use of basic software tools functionality. 

With most providers you can easily build a professional website within days which have secure access control, back-up features and cloud connectivity. 

Collaboration between client and contractor in combination with web-form technology ensures effective communication and automated contract data storage while linking corporate "Electronic Data Management Systems" (EDMS) into the mix.

Internal Access Web Database (with standard letters, forms, reports and control registers) are embedded in Contract Management SharePoint structure which serves as contract documents library.