FIDIC Claims Management Training


Claims can occur during contract execution and both parties should try to avoid them if possible because it takes significant time and resources to resolve them. Claims Avoidance & Resolution Training of project & contract management teams is one of the first steps to become more effective.

How to avoid claims as much as possible?

The majority of contract management audit findings have to do with failure to comply with procedures and processes which results in quality issues accross multiple disciplines. In many cases this is not due to lack of experience but simply no time to read the plan, contract, procedures and processes or non availability of such documents. 

The fact that this may happen with both parties' teams in combination with inherent conflicting interests between the parties the chance on claims is rather high. 

So trying to avoid claims starts with having project/contract management processes, procedures and systems. The second step is to conduct internal contract kick-off workshops which are followed by claims avoidance & defence training program.

Assurance reviews during contract execution combined with Change/ Variation trending and Key Performance Indicators should serve as basis for quarterly claim (potential) health check in order to see if and how claims can develop.

Training & Coaching

To ensure better results structured training and coaching is the only way to establish common understanding. 

All key team members should understand the contract requirements and the role they have to play. Team and contract relationship building starts with an professional contract kick-off process followed by regular assurance reviews. 

Claims avoidance means being aware and alert to resolve issues as soon as possible. Know what to look for and pro-actively take all required measures. Once a claim comes through the door then follow the claims resolution plan.

Coaching is the universal language of Change and Learning - CNN

Custom tailored FIDIC contract, contract kick-off and claims management training is provided through our partner Aratis.