FIDIC Contract Management Training Courses

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (commonly known as FIDIC, acronym for its French name Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils) is an international standards organization for the consulting engineering & construction best known for the FIDIC family of contract templates. The fact that the organisation has a French title bears testimony to its foundation in 1913 by three wholly or partly francophone countries, Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Klinker CMC and ARATIS offer a various training courses for FIDIC contracts. In addition to the theoretical basis of the various FIDIC books, it is mainly about the applicability of the correct contract form and the balanced allocation of risks. Due to the increase in international projects in the Netherlands, the FIDIC contract form is increasingly being used, especially for international contracting.

The training can be given in both the Dutch and the English language and can be tracked in house depending on your needs based on open registration or in your organisation.

The trainings are interactive with sufficient opportunity for questions, cases, problems, practical examples and deeper questions about the theory and especially the application in practice. Our trainers are active in the project practice and have ample practical experience.

The following FIDIC training courses are provided by Aratis Groep.

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