One of the Key Success Factors

During contract execution good communication between the parties, interface parties and stakeholders is one of the most important success factors for good contract performance.

Communication consist of dialog between people which is conducted in various ways such as live meetings in an office, online remote meetings (Teams, Zoom, etc.), e-mails, Whats-App messages, letters, administration forms.

There is a difference between communication between contracting parties in relation to the contract execution and the communication to internal and external stakeholders. Depending on size and complexity of the project a Project Communication Plan shall be prepared which describes the project communication objectives, strategy, tactics, resources and key messages.

Various communication formats, mediums, tools and systems are used to communicate and all contract management team members should be aware of how they are to be used in a contract management environment in accordance with a communication protocol and procedure.

Regarding social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. there shall be a Social Media policy with clear guidelines what the what can and what cannot be shared on Social Media in relation to the confidentiality provisions of the contract.

Miscommunication or incorrect communications combined with gaps in record keeping can impact the performance and relationship in an adverse way. This may lead to errors, omissions, incidents, more claims and disputes which should be avoided.

All team members of both parties shall fully understand the use of the applicable Electronic Data Management Systems (EDMS cloud or on-premise basis) which is to be used on the project and EDMS and communication training is provided or mandatory as obligation in the contract.