Construction Claims Consultancy

Opportunity, avoidance, defense & resolution

Construction Claims Resolution Guide 

Construction and risk go hand-in-hand and projects are constantly dealing with challenges that arise from budget, schedule, and staffing limitations.

We offer a unique FIDIC EPC, EPCI or construction claim preparation, analysis & resolution service to assist you with claim analysis, strategy, clarification, negotiation and resolution in a professional and efficient way. The steps that we normally recommend are as follows:

  1. Initial meeting with Client & Non Disclosure Agreement
  2. Initial Claim Review process ( 1-2 weeks + Assessment Report) on fixed fee basis;
  3. Provide a resolution proposal to the Client;
  4. Start detailed analysis and clarification process;
  5. Develop claim resolution & negotiation strategy;
  6. Execute strategy with client team and negotiate settlement;
  7. Assist with settlement agreement preparation;
  8. Provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) support services.

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